Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Set Maintenance Mode Offline

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Put your site in "Maintenance" mode as Website Under Maintenance, Please Come Back Soon
1. Log in to your admin
2. Select menu  System >>Settings, click the edit link for the store.
3. Under tab "Server" tab, you'll find an option for maintenance mode choose YES to offline your site..

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Get text Error in the Email Purchase Order

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There is text_new_instruction on Email Purchase Order .

The ‘text_new_instruction’ string comes out because it is not translated in the language files. Please check in path: catalog/language/english/mail/order.php.

Find this code:
$_['text_new_instruction']       = 'YOUR TEXT'; 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Customer Checkout as Guest

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Forcing customers to sign up for an account may sound appealing  because it gathers more customer data, includes more people in mailing lists and encourages repeat custom with advanced features like order tracking.
However, it can discourage sales completely! We’ve even abandoned transactions ourselves because we didn’t want another account sending us messages for a one-off purchase!
It is always best to give the customer the choice to join or not, you can always try to sell the benefits of creating an account later on with order tracking, order priorities, stock notifications or something similar. To allow customers to checkout of your OpenCart store without making an account just navigate to:
  • System -> Settings -> Edit -> Go to the “Option” tab
Go down towards the bottom of the page and ensure that the “Guest Checkout” option is set to “Yes”. From then on your OpenCart customers will no longer be required to have an account with the store to buy products and you should see your sales rise.

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